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Photo Diary 

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August 2017

Ensendada, Baja California, Mexico

Volunteering and Boat Sit

We spent 2 months on the Pacific Aurora helping the owners Boris and Shirley with various tasks on board ship.  Our jobs varied from rust treatment/painting on the decks and railings, cleaning/polishing brass, decks and cabins to Ged helping in the engine room and repairing wooden hand rail s and myself cooking in the galley. We had such a great time . We started off our sea adventure moored in the bay until Boris and Shirley arranged a semi permanent mooring on a working ship yard near the Naval base about a 30 minute walk from the town. When we were given temporary charge of the ship while Boris and Shirley went home to Canada we carried on with our duties taking really good care of the lovely Pacific Aurora. We almost finished painting the ship. We got to know and spend time with the local people who took us under their wings.

We loved Ensenada and made a lot of friends. What we do not miss though is the noisy colony of sea lions that woke us too early in the morning :)


Captain Boris King and first mate Ged


Captain Boris and Shirley King - the crew


Detail work ready for painting


Galley slave

Tea break


We were moored on a working ship yard so every time we stepped off the ship it was hard hats on to the gates of the yard


Off to get the groceries

Our noisy neighbours

October 2017

Bocas del Toro, Panama


Cabin life in the Rainforest in Bocas del Toro was a great experience.

We were visited  most mornings by the local noisy howler monkeys and the occasional sloth would stop by. We found them all really entertaining.  We helped to build furniture for the cabins, which included cupboards and desks along with painting the kitchen, plenty of cooking, cleaning and preparing cabins for guests.

The hosts have two great dogs, Salem and Kilo who we spent alot of time with and who quite often could be found on the nearby beach

where we took a well earned swim and snorkel each afternoon . At the weekends we took water taxis to nearby islands on this fantastic archipelago.


Some of our handy work - finished paint work and detailing on the bow of the ship 

Our favourite place to meet friends and listen to the Mariachi bands.


                Just arrived                                                                Our jungle cabin




        Resident pets -  Salem, Billy and Kilo




Pool cleaner

Ged's carpentry work

Bespoke rustic jungle cabin furniture 


Before and after

 photos of the kitchen paint job


One of our visitors in the camp,

so lucky to see a sloth                                            

                          Gavin and Donna                                  fellow workawayers                               in Bocas del Toro


November 2017

Chitre, Panama

Hostel - Holiday relief for the owner

We arrived in Chitre, Panama by bus.

We were here to hold the fort at Miami Mike's hostel and we ran it for him for 2 weeks. We really enjoyed the day to day running of the hostel, meeting so many interesting traveller's passing through and listening to their stories.


Chitre church main square

Screenshot_20190929-123655_Polarsteps (1

Hostel kitchen                                                                   Che Guevara                                                                                                      dormitory

December 2017

Panama City

House and Pet Sit

We were invited to look after Gary's black labrador, Maimie and his apartment.

This was our first house sit and it was marvelous. Maimie was a loveable old lady that enjoyed lots of cuddles and her walks to the park. We stayed in a beautiful apartment on the 16th floor overlooking the City where we spent Christmas and New Year. It was in a great location and we got to see the area by tour bus and there were loads of places to eat and drink in the neighbourhood. Roberto Duran (Hands of Stone) lived nearby and we often walked Maimie past his home hoping to say hello. Sadly we only glimpsed him when he drove by in his limosine that appeared in the film! We did get to meet two of the body guard actors from the film as they owned the great Irish bar on the ground floor of the apartment block.


Roberto Durans home                                        The Body guards - Reggie and Tom


January  2018

Harmony Apartments, Aruba

Hostel and Airbnb - Volunteering and Holiday Relief for the owner on this beautiful island . We were staying in the middle of the island and enjoyed our free time on the whitest sandy beaches I have seen to date.

The fortnight here spent with these guys has been great, we explored the  island and enjoyed our early morning walks on the rugged  volcanic coastline where we could walk the beach with the dogs before we helped out with the running of the Airbnb/hostel. Kitty Boss would never be far away as she loved attention, and was always nearby when we were working, he did not want to be left out!


April 2018

Crayfish Bay, Grenada


We helped out on an Organic Cocoa farm for Kim and Lylette, with the company of their lovely dogs Ratty and Rover.

Our mornings here were spent feeding the chickens, harvesting/fermenting/drying/sorting/roasting the cocoa ready for making the most amazing dark chocolate we have ever tasted. We also helped with maintenance projects which included painting the farms buildings and clearing the yard. In the afternoons we enjoyed  spending time with the cheeky duo Ratty, Rover and donkey. We loved exploring the beautiful fragrant island or passing the time of day with Gabri the land manager on the deck of his cabin watching the cocoa beans dry.

We ate so well here, we could  just step out in the morning and pick the most delicious fruit ourselves and Gabri would dig vegetables and chop down coconuts us for whenever we wished...heaven. 


April 2018

Castara, Tobago


We had a great time at Toad Hall, with the incredibily hostpitable Steve and Rita, the time flew by - too short a time was spent with them.

We helped with painting, lots of sanding re-varnishing and minor repairs to keep their AirBnb cabins up to scratch on the sunshine island of Tobago overlooking the village of Castara.

Always on guard and keeping an eye on us were the adopted dogs and our friends, Spotty and Lassie.

 We enjoyed walking down into the village and visiting the nearby beaches and bars. It was here I saw the biggest stringray ever - never swam so fast in all my life!!


April 2018

Bonita Springs, Florida

Volunteering and House/Pet sit

Janet was such a generous and  kind host and she invited us to her lovely home to look after Tiny their elderly Chihuahua and help with re-landscaping/cultivating her gardens, demolishing and removal of some of their garden structures and laying of a life proof flooring in the upper bedroom and landing. 

Everyday started with Tiny's favourite game, racing around the lounge with his toy animal.  We enjoyed a very welcome swim in the pool after working in the garden and lovely walks with Tiny in the cool of the evening.

We were really made to feel welcome by her friends and  enjoyed time spent with them over a meal in Janets home.


Before and after photos

One of our projects

A new garden path at the side of the house


 July 2018

Indian Rocks, Florida

Airbnb - Volunteering and Holiday relief for owner

Tzcha Tzcha,Cho oui, Lil bit  - Mother son and daughter what a lovely trio.

Tzcha  Tzcha suffers with a heart complaint and has a skin allergy and needs eye drops but  she still keeps her offspring in check!

Although an older lady she still enjoyed her visits to the dog park each morning and her walks out in the evening in Indian Rocks.


August 2018

Niagara Falls, Canada

Volunteering and House/Pet sit

Maguite and Ernie's beautiful farm in the forest.

We helped with the day to day running of the farm using the tractor and zero turn mower to keep the forest floor, meadows and lawns clear, neat and tidy. We carried out small maintenance projects inside the house and outside on the barn, pool house, making steps for the trailer, and planters for the vegetable garden. We enjoyed  long walks in the forest with Zephyr and playtime with him on the farm. And at the end of the day you would  find Zephyr and Christmas cuddled up with us on the sofa's in the lounge. 

This was a truly tranquil place to stay, a real sanctuary.



August 2018

Chicago, Illinois

House Pet/sit

A suburban house sit and we spent it in the south loop area of Chicago with two mischievous Sharpei's. Such an adorable pair . Harley (2 years old) was always teasing Samson (10 years old) by chewing his legs!. 

They loved their walks to the dog park and their regular grooming after some obedience training. Two great but very different characters. We were on the 15th floor of an apartment block with a fantastic view of Lake Michigan situated in a very buzzy area. We will always remember the trains.


September 2018

Chicago, Illinois

House/Pet sit

We looked after a not so mini mansion in a beautiful historical area of Chicago called Wicker Park and 3 pit bull terriers, Chloe, Roxy and Augie. We all enjoyed our long walks around several different routes in this area. We were warmly welcomed by Claudia and Tom and made to feel very much at home. We hit it off with the dogs immediately. Claudia has done an amazing job in training these rescue dogs. A short but satisfying sit, we are going to miss the constant affection from these 3. 


September 2018

Aboard SV Shadow - St Lucia

Volunteering and Boat sit

We had a fantastic time on the catamaran, helping Captain Robin with a number of varied maintenance projects, it was nice to develop some boating and sailing skills during our month's stay on board  we also learnt to cook in the small galley and were shown some of Robin's one pot recipes, he was a great cook and hugely experienced sailor who was happy to show us the ropes  We were asked to crew on a charter to Tobago Cays for the lovely Lady Janice Compton along with her daughter Nina and son Sean we enjoyed our time with them visiting several islands  meeting local islanders, swimming in the crystal clear caribbean sea and dining on lobster on a white sandy beach, it was a truly amazing experience sailing around lesser known islands, swimming with turtles, sting rays and many other colourful tropical fish.

Back in Rodney Bay Marina, we spent time with other salty sea dogs at the local marina bar listening to tales of the high seas and brave acts of derring-do varous characters and interesting world travellers were at anchor or moored up here in Rodney Bay one guy we will not forget is Gregory the floating fruit and veg delivery man who sailed his palm covered small boat daily around all the berths delivering fresh exotic produce.


IMG-20190927-WA0003 (1).jpg
IMG-20190927-WA0006 (1).jpg

October 2018

West Bay, Grand Cayman

House/Pet sit

We really enjoyed looking after Tank (another rescue dog) in his home on 7 mile beach. He loved being taken out in the car for a drive and absolutely adored swimming in the sea and bounding into the waves chasing stones!

The island has so many dog friendly beaches, places to eat and drink to choose from that we were spoiled for choice.  We loved taking him everywhere with us. It was a joy to spend so much time with this big friendly almost human dog, Tank. 

FB_IMG_1540755969750 (1).jpg

Last day, sad farewell to Tank...bless him he tried to stow away in the back of the car.

We were heartbroken to leave.


November 2018

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

House sit and Vacation rental relief

We house sat here in a residential part of the city, it had a huge variety of  local  shops and places to eat traditional Mexican food. It is a lively place and people are very friendly. A local bus at the corner takes you into the centre for 7 pesos, but the walk will take you 15 minutes, however you will be distracted  by the amount of shops, cafes, hotels street wall art and art galleries on the way. We were not expecting  such a picturesque city, where ever you walk , you are awestruck at the beauty of the  place especially as it was the festive season. All the plazas were brightly decorated and so many trees and lights lit up the squares. Shoe shiners still work on every corner and the Mariachi bands walk around and entertain anyone that stops them.



Queretaro, Mexico

December 2018

House/pet sit

We enjoyed looking after 3 lovely, mischievuos dogs

Valentina, Daisi and Choco over Christmas and New year.

We loved taking them out for long walks around their home and visiting the dog park to play ball.

The home was very modern and situated in a gated community surrounded by mountains and lakes.

IMG-20181219-WA0008 (1).jpg
IMG-20181204-WA0004 (1).jpg

Indian Rocks Beach


February 2019

Volunteering/House sit

We were so excited to be asked back to look after this lovely family once again. Each day started with a car journey to the Dog Park and a walk along the lake in Walsingham Park. Little Tzcha Tzcha still has her health issues but she did not miss out on her walks with Chou oui and Lil'bit.


While Mary was away we looked after some aspects of her vacation rental business, such as meeting and greeting the guests and preparing the rentals for occupation. Our main project was to re-organise and repair the storage shed . Make new doors to replace the badly fitting ones and tidy up the property's gardens while enjoying the company of these adorable trio






Cold Aston, nr Bourton on the Water. Cotswolds

May 2019

House/Pet Sit

Life on Martin and Yvonne's farm was great fun, while they took a short break, we enjoyed the daily routine of feeding, cleaning and taking care of the general well being of all the animals. We enjoyed the walks around the fields checking on the flock of sheep. Collecting fresh eggs from the chickens and looking after Dylan and Martha the lovable donkeys. We tended to the vegetable patch and kept the farmhouse tidy.

We were blessed with fantastic weather in this beautiful part of the British Isles during our stay.


Al Bada'a Dubai

May 2019

House/Pet Sit

We spent two very hot weeks in Dubai looking after Cookie while the home owners, Shannon and Natalie enjoyed a scuba diving trip in Egypt.

We took Cookie out for her walks very early in the morning and in the evening as it was much cooler and we could all enjoy our time out in the neighbourhood. Cookie loved to play fetch in the garden and dig in the sand pit, she was such a lovely dog and just happy to be by our sides keeping us company.

Dubai was a joy to visit and experience the cultural diversity of this country.


Langkawi, Malaysia

3 - 17 Jun 2019

House/Pet Sit

Looking after Jurgen and Michelle's pets -Thomas the goat, Leo the dog and the two cats Cola and Missy and having such an abundance of wildlife around us  made this sit on the edge of the Langkawi Geo Forest magical. Monkeys would breakfast on the fruit in the trees by the house, Hornbills could be seen flying across the land, Monitor Lizards lazily walking across the driveway, there were countless Butterflies and other variety of Birds wherever you looked.

Thomas, loved to be walked on the lead around the land and Leo would accompany us as our protective companion  Cola loved to talk and play before cat napping in the tray while Missy would return from her night time activities drink her milk snuggle up for cuddles and then fall asleep on the mat in the shower room!


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

18 - 30 June 2019

House/pet sit

We stayed in a very vibrant area about 1hr from the city looking after 2 dogs, Maya, Leo with 4 cats, Jack, Jill, Harry and Hermione. 

We had a fun time with these 6, Maya and Leo thoroughly enjoying their walks around the area and parks meeting friends. At home they loved to be groomed. All the cats were mischeivious, hiding and jumping out on us, trying to wash in the basin with us in the mornings and Harry and Hermione loved helping us select our clothes each day by jumping in the wardrobe....We had great fun watching them chase the laser light across the floors. They all had such naughty characters 


Phuket , Thailand

1 -18 July 2019

house/pet sit

A great stay in Phuket with 3 rescue dogs, Diego, Indie and Toto in an area called Cherngtalay.

Our daily routine for these lovely rescues was an early wake up at 5am, and a drive to the beach or the water dam where they could run and play at their leisure before the sun got too hot for them. Great fun to be with on the walks, especially where water was concerned.....Diego and Indie could not resist lying in or rolling over in puddles or leaping into the sea. Toto was more reserved, kept himseslf dry but enjoyed a paddle, just getting his paws wet.


Koh Samui, Thailand

1 -26 Aug 2019

House/pet sit

Maria's beautiful well appointed villa was an absolute pleasure for us to stay in, we were extremely comfortable and very spoilt with our large comfy bed, quality shower, A/C, large screen TV and swimming pool. It was a real treat and felt more like a holiday.

Maria's two dogs were a couple of great little characters, both quiet loveable dogs, Mickey was more out going and laid back and if you walked towards him he would roll on his back waiting for a tummy rub. He loved being groomed. Chang was more reserved, sometimes a bit nervous, but he is a great guard dog. He was happy to lay near you wherever we sat, not too keen on being groomed though!! They both loved their doggy chews and would run in from the garden when their heard the rattle of their treat box.

The location is fantastic and as Maria kindly gave us her truck and a scooter to use we were able to explore the island. We met many of her friends and neighbours in the area and ate at the local food stalls which were cheap,  plentiful and authentic Thai cuisine.

Maria is a lovely, kind person who is a friend we hope to see again.


Tiong Bahru, Singapore

14 Sept - 2 Oct 2019

House/pet sit

From our first meeting with David , Annie and Enzo we knew we would enjoy looking after this lovely little chap. We were made to feel very welcome David and Annie took us to their local dog friendly Thai restaurant and walked us around the local dog friendly parks. and places. Enzo has been great fun, he is just the sweetest thing, such a character. When he is excited, especially treat time and before his walks he spins round and around like a mini tornado, it is so funny to watch. He loves to take us for walks around his neighbourhood  to see his friends (human and furry) as he is quite a celebrity in the locality. Enzo is a Coton de Tulear an aptly named breed as they really are a big cotton fluff ball - who can resist that little face and his big eyes - we are thinking of asking to take him home with us.

We have enjoyed the time here in Tiong Bahru, David and Annie live in an apartment in a brilliant location for sight seeing by using the MRT train as the station is a 5 minute walk away. There are so many shops, restaurants and hawker centres in this area, everything is so near that we were never far or long away from home. 


                              Shampoo'd                                                              Towel dried                                                 Blow dry for the fluffy look  


Bush Village Cabins, Airlie Beach



We had such a great time helping Jude and Damo here with other workawayers. This is not work, we are on holiday with newly made friends from all over the world. The atmosphere here is relaxed, no stress and fun. The day starts with feeding the wild birds, Lorakets swoop in for their feed the Kookaburras wait patiently to be hand feed at the kitchen door and the Cockatoos sit on the roof waiting to pinch the chicken's feed!!

We helped with making beds, cleaning the pool, gardening. Ged made wooden vegetable frames for Jude's back garden, hung  doors and a porch for a guest cabin.


The Gang are all here:

Yvette (Czech Republic) Caterina (Chile) Jude, Damo (Australia) Anna (Germany) Paula (France) not forgetting Dusty the Cockatoo


Our first Australian Barbie with the gang to welcome two more workawayers, Marianne and Carlos (Chile)


       Good morning Dusty,                                                          Where's our dinner?                                                               Our house guest                    how are you?                                                                                                                                                                     waiting for us

Coffs Harbour, Australia


We stayed with the lovely Carole in her beautiful woodland home right on the edge of Bongil Bongil National Park. We were totally immersed in nature, the amount of birds that visited her garden that we could hand feed was wonderful.

In the short week we spent with Carole we helped her in the garden and home, just light easy work - weeding, clearing leaves and branches and some cooking 
Ged made a bird table for Carole that swung out from her veranda railing so the birds could feed in comfort on the custom made perch

This is certainly a lovely part of NSW with some dramatic coastal scenery and pretty seaside towns.


One of the many visitors wanting a meal


Bespoke bird table and perch - our first guest


Getting stuck in to the gardening-clearing weeds


Batemans Bay , Australia

Kangaroo Sanctuary - Wild 2 free


What an experience this was in a location that was in the bush on the Clyde river flowing into Batemans Bay, beautiful  place, 30 minute drive from town. The owner feeds and accommodates about 30/40 kangaroos nightly and every morning there is so much mess to clear up. One of the chores was picking up kangaroo poo, washing down their beds and cleaning out the water and feeding troughs. Hard work in the heat and the many flies and aggressive, luckily we had the latest in head gear to keep them at bay :)

We completed various projects, digging new trenches for water drainage around the house, clearing gulleys , weeding the driveways installing security cameras to monitor the kangaroo activity.

We were rewarded at the end of the day, watching the kangaroos altogether feeding and playing. I a was lucky enough to get to bottle feed a joey. What a thrill

20191204_100806 (1).jpg


Digging a soak away around the terrace                    Feed time for the rescue Roos                                                No photos please!

IMG-20191125-WA0013 (1).jpg


Repair and clean out garage gully

Pressure washing and weeding driveway

20191202_143028 (1).jpg
20191202_114801 (1).jpg

Forestville, Australia

13-22 Dec 2019

House/pet sit

Life is bright and cheery here looking after Sunny the staffie

What a treat staying in a nice residential suburb of Sydney, enjoying the fresh air and walks with Sunny. Such a sweet young boy who enjoyed being by your side all the time. He liked nothing more than snuggling up and relaxing with Ged on the sofa after his walks. He was so good on the lead which made him an absolute joy to take out. He was tempted a few times to chase the many rabbits we saw on our walks though!!


Northcote, New Zealand

27 Dec 2019 - 2 Jan 2020

House/pet sit

We stayed in a lovely part of Auckland over the bridge from the city centre high up with fantastic views of the 360 tower and the beautiful harbour.

We really had a great time looking after Spencer and Carina's home and their two pets, Treacle the dog and Garry the laid back cat.

Treacle loved being with us all the time and we enjoyed her company so much so we took her out in the car all the time. She loved to be driven to the beach and there are so many places that dogs are welcome in Auckland. Garry just came and went as and when but would always have a chat with us when he came through the cat flap...just to announce that he was home for his dinner:)


Kawau Island, NZ.

5 Jan - 5 Feb 2020


Well we planned on staying 1 week, and left over 4 weeks later. We had a fantastic time on the Island, its magical, and made all the more special by our hosts Robyn and Davo. We were made to feel at home as soon as we walked onto the jetty at Kawau Boat Club. They had a list of things they wished to have done, and we were told to take our time, do not rush and make sure you have fun. Well we certainly had fun with them. They entertained us most evenings on their deck, which over looked our lovely cabin just yards from the sea. It was idyllic.

Robyn is a great cook and we enjoyed really good food  at home and when they were working we dined at their bistro, we were very spoilt. They took us out on Banshee their boat and we sailed around Kawau, we had trips out to the mainland with them. They took us on a sight seeing trip to Leigh after a visit to Brick Bay vineyard  for breakfast and a lunch in Warkworth which was so nice of them.

Staff at their bistro/bar, the islanders and boatees treated us like old friends, we enjoyed bbqs, fishing trips, sailing and dinners on board with these lovely people.

We worked in the mornings on various projects.....gardening, clearing swamp plants, preparing ground for new sheds, organizing tool sheds and equipment, making a wood store, painting the outside of the cabin that we stayed in. Ged made fly screens for the cabin and worked on their boat the Banshee repairing the step and  fixing the floor .


Preparing wood for fly screens          Working on the step in the boat

                                 Finished painted fly screens


    Clearing the swamp plants                     Look at the size of that!!                      All ready to paint the cabin                         Painting finished                 

IMG-20200117-WA0007 (2).jpg

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Robyn and some of her crew


Robyn and Davo with us outside Kawau Boat Club                 One of our trips out on Banshee                                                       Olivia



Te Puke, NZ

17 Feb - 1 Mar 2020


We spent a fortnight with this lovely family, Alan, Kathryn and 3yr old Mackenzie- along with Mouse the cat and 22 free range chickens.We were made welcome from the get go. We had our own bedroom and bathroom to use. The kitchen was open to us at all times to help ourselves to breakfast, lunch and snacks. Dinner was a family affair, Kathryn and Alan were great cooks and we enjoyed some lovely meals with them on the deck.

Our tasks were varied and fun to do. We cleaned out the cow shed, re-stacked the wood shed, helped transport the cows and made sure the cows were moved to fresh pasture each day. We helped Mackenzie feed the chickens and collect their eggs, enjoying the results each morning for breakfast. We cleared the driveway of cut fir tree branches and mulched the Avocado orchard  with them making full use of the ATV.  We spent time in the gardens, weeding ready for planting of vegetables and shrubs. We helped pack and process the Orchids for shipping. Ged built a propergation table for Alan"s seedlings and he assisted Alan in building a deck for the Camper Van.


Start to finish of the proprogation table


Preparing and packing the Orchids for shipping

IMG-20200218-WA0010 (1).jpg

Using the ATV to collect mulch and drop/spread in the Avocado Orchard


Grey Lynn, NZ

6-9 Mar 2020

House/pet sit

We had such a lovely welcome from Matt, Ash and Tiger and a special note on the fridge making us feel at home.

We had such a fun weekend with Tiger, while we looked after Matt and Ashleigh's home. Tiger is such an intelligent dog we just loved being with him.

He loved to be taken out in the car and this was great as we were able to take him to his favourite parks and the beach. 

We wished we could of house sat for longer to spend more time with Tiger, he is almost human.


Matarau, NZ 

29 May - 1 June

House/pet sit

We enjoyed our stay in the beautiful countryside Whangarei district looking after Karen and Colin's home and tending to their chickens, ducks and caring for their girls pets Tinkerbell and Turq. Sadly it was far to short a stay, we loved looking after the animals, especially Tinkerbell, I fell in love with her immediately. She was affectionate and I enjoyed sitting with her in front of the cosy fire, so much so we would fall asleep together on the sofa. 


Ostend, Waiheke Island, NZ

27 Jun - 18 Jul 2020

Volunteering and house/pet sit

We stayed with this lovely family, Susan, Jerome, Pia and Ludo, Fergus the dog, Sam the cat and the chickens initially as volunteers and then as house sitters when they went away for a break on the main island. We helped in their garden with weeding, pruning and clearing plants ready for a wood store that Ged built. We power washed the decking around the cabin that we were staying in and carried out repairs on the decking around the main house and made good a wall and ceiling in the kitchen with filler and  some paint.  We really had a great time with the family - each night we enjoyed their company and we were transported to a different country with the fantastic meals  Susan cooked. Fergus loved to be near you all the time, he was so affectionate and we just loved taking him to the beach. Sam the cat made sure we woke up each morning to give him his breakfast by first tapping his water bowl, if that did not work he would start knocking things off the bedside cabinet. He is quite a character . Pia and Ludo liked to spend the time with us in the garden, Pia with your chickens and Ludo giving us a helping hand, waddling around in his dads gum boots!

20200713_084626 (1).jpg
Screenshot_20201004-130512_Polarsteps (1

Panama Bay where we are anchored following our fantastic 3,000 mile voyage from Ensenada, Mexico.

We left in the early hours on Wednesday 29th July and arrived in the Bay early evening on Sunday 30th August a total of 33 days at sea - what a trip!

We were invited to sail with Boris and Shirley to help with towing of the three ships. It has been an adventure - we have seen dolphins, whales, turtles, birds (even having some hitch a ride with us) encountered a couple of heavy storms, plenty of rain, loads of sunshine and some fantastic sunsets. We stopped briefly at Manzanillo for supplies and Guatamala for re-fueling. This took longer than expected as all three ships were boarded by the Guatamalian Military, very scary at first but once they  carried out the task of checking the ships they were posing for photos... 




Ensenada, Mexico 28th July.

Final preparations for getting the 3 boats ready for the voyage


Near Manzanillo, Mexico 9th August

We had a fuel pump problem and had to stop for a few hours...       The Mexican Navy stopped by to offer to help!

Exhausted hitch hiker


Guatemala, 20th August

Boarded and searched by the Guatemalan Military

Panama 30th August 

Just arrived, we made it
FB_IMG_1631276783860 (1).jpg

12 Oct 2020

We said good bye to the three ships, Pacific Aurora (Salty), Rose and Rose,s tender .

Due to Covid restrictions we were finally permitted to leave the ship and enter Panama this was after a further 6 weeks on board the ships. We were not idle as the ships had been a bit battered by the storms so we had plenty to do to keep ourselves busy and  by the time we left they were looking great after their long voyage.

Indian Rocks Beach

October 16th 2020


We returned to Indian Rocks Beach again for the third time to visit our friend Mary, she always makes us feel very welcome its becoming our home from home.

We were asked to help out with Chou oui and Lil'bit and the general day to day duties with Christie, Tamas and little Atilla and  as it's the festive season we helped Carla put up all the Christmas decorations. The first day we all got together for a family BBQ in Marys garden. This was a frequent event - eating at Marys , she is a great cook and spoilt us with morning coffee, snacks and our evening meals . We did not go hungry, we always took carry outs back to our studio apartment for lunches and Mary was always tempting us with fresh baked pastries and muffins.





Christie        Atilla

Tamas          Carla


                                                     Choo Oui                            Lil'bit

                                                                              4 doors to strip, sand, re-varnish and fix new ironmongery

                 Before                                                                                      stripper applied                                                            sanded and more stripper


1 door sanded, ready for varnishing new handle /lock fitted 


Studio door completed


garden maintenance                                             clearing the flower beds                               building maintenance                   christmas light install

Indian Rocks Beach 

21 feb - 14 mar 21

Volunteering and House/pet sit

After a month in Belize we have returned to Florida to house sit for lovely Mary again looking after Choo oui and Lilbit. Mary cannot get rid of us this is the fourth time and we have said we will be returning in April. We love it here and Mary is such a wonderful host.  

We do like to have some things to keep us busy and as Mary has a wish list of projects to do on the property - we kept our selves out of trouble. 

Painting the outside of the house.

Lots of prepping, sanding down and filling before getting the paint brushes out and freshening the place up.



After - New door frame, hinges replaced, new signage and paint work on doors and surround, 

20210309_100411 (1).jpg

Before -

Cleaning cupboard 

After  -

New purpose built shelving and reorganisation of all the cleaning items


Before - Electrical and stores shed

After - Purpose built shelves and racking for easier access and storage


After outside - a new door frame, all freshly painted together with door and wall


Bonita Springs

14 Mar - 31 Mar 21

House/pet sit

A return visit to Janet and Philip. This time we are looking after a new boy, Fritzl a really cute lively dog, always into mischief, picking up anything he could find to hide and be chased...he loved that game and his time at the dog park making new friends. While staying in their lovely home, Janet asked if we could do a few things for her....and as we like to keep busy we were happy to help with some projects


Tiling around the bath step


Almost finished, concentrating on the last few tiles on the splash back under the cabinet - fiddly work


Before - old window dressing....damaged venetian blinds

After - new brackets and frame for  folded blind and arched fan dressing


Pinar de Campoverde

June 2021

We are looking after the lovely, Lottie a beautiful Golden Retriever - such a sweet dog.

She loves nothing more than a tummy rub.

Little does she know but when her mummy and daddy return she will have a little sister to play with


Pinar de Campoverde

July 2021

We were asked back to look after Lottie and her new baby sister, Elsa.

Lottie has had a month to get used to Elsa and she loves her, it was lovely to see her taking care of Elsa and being so protective of her. We had a great weekend with them.


August 2021

Waco, Texas


                                                     Ged carrying out various work on one of Grant and Polly' s rental properties in Waco

Cutting out sheet rock                                                               Patching in                                                     New trim and making good ready for painting

                                                Before                                                                                                              After


We repaired and repainted the outside of the house and cleaned the gutters - Another quality job by G&L                


Trelawny, Jamaica

Nov 2021

We had a great time in this Jamacian village, with Max in Penny's home. We took great care of Max and enjoyed our walks in the village and our drives out to the beach, he was a bit of a celebrity with the local children, although that cant' be said for the goats and pigs that roamed freely - they stayed clear of him!!  We were really made to feel welcome by the locals and spent a few evenings sat outside Elaine's shop with friends enjoying a beer listening to some great  reggae music 


We kept busy while we house sat at Penny's as she had an AirBnB apartment which needed  cleaning and airing and 1500 plants in her nursery that we looked after watering daily.





Penny had not been in her property long before going away and she still had plenty of painting to get on with when she as all the paint and supplies were there ...we got stuck in and  picked  up the brushes and painted the walls and ceilings in her lounge, dining room and passageways. 


Camden, London

Dec 21 - Jan 2


Farnham, Surrey

Jan 22


Tucked up in bed, Good night                                                        Paddy's favourite spot                                               Someone looks guilty !                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Plaistow, London

Jan 22

We had fun with Oggy, a puppy still in training so we followed instructions from Alix and Zoe and enjoyed our time with him as he was a good student, so good natured.

He did learn a new trick during our stay "Escapology" he jumped over the gate at night and he climbed the stairs so I think they need a higher gate :)


Tooting Bec, London

Feb 22

We were lucky to look after Stu and Teresa's beautiful home in a lovely part of London, the location was great, the front door opened up onto Tooting Common. We had some great walks over the common and surrounding areas with Nelson and we met lots of dogs and their owners. There was quite a gathering every morning and afternoon for chats and playtime. 




Polly the 22yr lady was a sweet darling who was too old to go anywhere and was kinda wobbly on her legs - bless her.  She had a great appetite for her food and loved to be cuddled and groomed.

Walthamstow, London

Feb 22


El Guapo                   





Tooting Bec, London

2 - 6 Mar 2022

We were asked to house sit again for Teresa and Stu to look after Nelson and Polly... we just couldnt' refuse to look after them again. We had great fun over the common with Nelson and  have lots of cuddles from Polly who is still going strong at the age of 22!!

received_365573245065137 (1).jpeg

Little Compton, Moreton in the Marsh

14 -22 Mar 2022