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    Ged & Laraine

    Experienced House and Pet Sitters 
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    We are early retirees's, very young at heart, who were looking for a complete change in our lives. Ged was a Construction site Manager after spending most of his working life as a Carpenter/builder and I was an Accommodation Manager in Oxford University.

    We decided to leave our home behind in the UK in May 2017 and start our adventures around the world getting to see new places and making lots of new friends along the way and ticking off our bucket list as we go.

    We found a wonderful website platform and through them we have volunteered and worked in many different countries around the world with some fantastic hosts and made new friends along the way. We have spent  time on boats, farms, beaches and in the jungle, often looking after the hosts pets/animals in most places we have stayed.

    We are experienced in handling all domestic animals , we have in the past looked after and cared for pets that have anxiety issues, behavioral problems, and other conditions. We are happy to administer medication to your pets for any ailment they may have.

    We have helped people with various farm, house and garden maintenance where our home refurbishment talents were well utilised and Ged has been happy to return to use his skills as a carpenter.

    We have had immense fun taking on many projects from building rustic cabin furniture in the Panama rain forest to harvesting cocoa in the Caribbean, but our real passion is animals, we love all animals. We enjoy long walks and playing with the dogs and relaxing with the cats whilst they are curled up with us on the sofa. 

    We have established a 5 star portfolio of reviews, feed backs and checkable references. We are known for our attention to detail, commitment, love of animals and going the extra mile to please our hosts. It's this standard of excellent service we provide that our home owners and pets love. Giving complete peace of mind and making us your preferred  choice.



    Gary - Istanbul, Turkey

    20/125/2017 - 04/01/2018

    Through Trusted House sitters

    These two were fantastic!!! They came a couple of days early to make sure we felt good about their arrival and staying in our apartment.

    They took amazing care of our dog and apartment. As a matter of fact, the apartment was in better shape than when we left it! Theycommunicated with

    pictures and videos on a regul ar basis. I would recommend this couple to anyone.

    Janet Martz

    Bonita Springs, Florida


    Through Helpx

    I feel so fortunate to have discovered this wonderful couple, Gedd & Laraine, on HelpX - they are definitely a dream team ! For starters they exude capability and good work ethics so you are at once very relaxed about them care taking your home/pets knowing that they can figure out situations as they present themselves. They stayed in my home in SWFL while I was away for 3 weeks and kept me updated with videos of the work being done as well as pets at play.

    Ged is a very skillful carpenter/builder who focuses on details and Laraine is extremely well organized and can rearrange any storage space into showroom excellence. they kept immaculate records of all work being done, not solely for what I had left for them, but what they saw needed to be done. They both are joyful and agreeable and good fun to be around. I recommend them and certainly would have them back in a heartbeat. Two thumbs up for this couple.

    Mary Lewarne

    Indian Rocks Beach , Florida


    Through Workaway

    Ged and what to say about them...don't know if there is enough room for all the wonderful things we could write about them. First of dogs have been moping around since they have left...its like their favorite aunty and uncle have left them. Since this was an important concern of mine, I will start there...Ged and Lorraine sent photos of the doggies which meant a lot, took great care of them...and the doggies grew very attached to them.

    Then on top of that, any project - once mentioned...Ged and Lorraine would work together and really are a "dream team". Very capable and organized...and once turning the project over to them, we needn't worry about it...the project was undertaken and professionally completed. and to top it all off, they are great personalities, warm and caring and considerate. I only have great things to say about them..If you are lucky to have them request a stay, you are fortunate indeed. Don't miss an opportunity to enjoy their company, their work and their enthusiastic hearts. My only advice to a potential host is to schedule them for a longer period of time because you'll be sorry when they leave

    Maguite and Ernie Wilkens

    Niagara Falls, Canada


    Through Workaway

    Gerard and Laraine rated us the "Seven Star Workaway/Super Hosts"......But it was the easiest thing in the world to be good hosts to these two truly MAGNIFICENT Workawayers...We often felt that we we barely giving back enough for all that they did for us and the wonderful and warm and professional way they did it all. (No Ged! should let us buy the beer!!)

    We have had truly wonderful workawayers and really hard working ones.... a total of 30 plus now....These two are in their own category!!!! They show a uncanny amount of initiative, noticing things and just handling them. Things got fixed and done that were on our wish list for next year and the year after that!!!

    the list of everything they did would go on and on, the results are in an upgraded garden, an upgraded pool house, an upgraded trailer/guest quarters. tools that are organized, garden implements that now each have their place, lawns that got mowed to perfection and borders that are definitely on their way to be on par with an "English Garden". A patio that no longer has loose stones, hoses that now can hang...not lay untidy on the ground, a picnic table no longer on a slant, real steps where there were just a bunch of logs etc...the list goes on.

    And the homemade tomato (picked from the garden) soup stored in the freezer, the backlog of Ernie shirts that needed ironing, 

    the window surround that didn't exist and the paint job...."so it would really look good", in one of the guest bedrooms and....the house always spotless and the wonderful daily dinners and the VERY happy and cared for dog and cat....I know I am forgetting things but you get the idea!!!!

    We were also gone for a while and Ged and Laraine took care of the house, grounds, pool and animals for 3 weeks and are amazing house sitters as we literally never had to worry about anything.

    OK....that it for the work ethic and dependability and trust factor....

    But then as a bonus you get these two who have travelled the world, have great conversation, are interested in everything that is going on and have a great sense of humor and are kind and generous.

    The problem is that we grew attached and were so sad to see them go....BUT they will come back (they promiosed, but not in the winter eh Laraine!!!!) as they are now our dear FRIENDS.

    We wish then the best of luck in their next endeavors..

    Melissa Leger Chicago, USA

    Through Trusted House sitters 

    18/08/2017 - 02/09/2018

    Laraine and Ged took excellent care of our apartment and our pets. I have one dog with anxiety from trauma and a naughty younger one and they treated them as if they were their own. The house was cleaner than I left it (they should be professional organizers) and Gerard repaired some damage to the wall without asking. They were very through in taking care of the dogs and had a nice energy about them. We would gladly have them house and pet sit again.


    Chicago, Illinois, United States

    8 - 14 Sep 2018

    Through Trusted House Sitters

    Wow! Ged and Laraine are exceptional!! They took great care of our dogs. Our dog Chloe still misses Ged :( I didn't fell gjuilty leaving them when I saw the pictures and videos of them on walks and getting hugs. He repaired a door lock that hadn't worked in years and did some other repairs for us because he asked me if I needed anything done. We had dinner together the first night and heard just a little about their adventures as travellers and house sitters. They are both amazing people. Super responsible and detailed. I wish they would come back some day !!

    Robin Hobson

    St Lucia, West Indies

    22 Sep - 24 Oct 2018

    Through Workaway

    As a host you can only dream about guests such as Ged and Laraine. They are living their dream and if treated with the respect they deserve, they will add beyond your expectations. I only report on the good and they are right up there. They are welcome back anytime I am free from charter. In practical terms, ocd on detail, experience, cleanliness and order. In personal terms, lively debate. In emotional overhead, negligible. I left my boat in their hands for an emergency trip back to the UK  and I came back to ecstatic progress. I thank them both. The downside is that the bar has been raised. :-)


    West Bay, Grand Cayman

    28 Oct- 12 Nov 2018

    Through Trusted Housesitters

    Right from the initial conversations Laraine and Ged  were amazing! They were easy to communicate with and quick to respond. When they arrived we had a lovely dinner and evening getting to know them before we left. Our dog Tank instantly bonded with them and we knew he would be in good hands. 

    Throughout their time sitting for us they sent lots of pictures and videos and kept us updated with Tanks well being. When we returned our house was spotless and they even cleaned up our patio furniture! Tank was looking great and he was extremely sad to see them leave and even tried to jump in the car as they were packing up. We would highly recommend Laraine and Ged to any of our friends and family as well as anyone else looking for an amazing couple to house or pet sit! Thanks Guys:)


    San Miguel de Allende

    21 Nov - 10 Dec 2018

    Through Trusted Housesitters

    Laraine and Ged were excellent house-sitters. They came early to make sure they knew what was needed and provided good feedback throughout their stay. While I don't have pets, they helped out with my rental studio, greeting guests and making sure the guests had everything they needed. They left the apartment clean and tidy and came by the next day to make sure all was well. They are very thoughtful, responsible, helpful and definitely recommended! They are welcome back anytime!

    Sam and Eduardo


    !9 Dec - Jan 2019

    Through Social Media house sitting group

    Ged and Laraine meet with us a few weeks before the sit to get to know our animals and speak with us as this was the first time we have strangers sitting for us in our house.

    We say they were very professional and most of all the dogs loved them instantly.

    We collected them from a hotel  and take them to our house and left and we felt very comfortable leaving them with Valentina, Daisi and Choco.

    When we got home we found that they had looked after our home very well, it was very clean and tidy and everything was washed and prepared for us they even cleaned all the windows to just relax after our long journey home. 

    We see that Valentina, Daisi and Choco were happy and had been well cared for, with Choco even having learned a new trick. 

    We hope they come back again.

    Mary Lewarne (repeat sit)

    Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

    26 Feb - 3 Apr 2019

    It was my pleasure to have Ged and Laraine come back for their third visit with me her in Florida through Work Away! After their last two visits, I was hoping they would schedule time here in Indian Rocks Beach again soon and, as it happened they came at a perfect time for me! I was scheduled to be away on business and needed someone to care for my dogs and stay in my house while I was gone. Thankfully, my three pups love Ged and Laraine as much as I do and we all looked forward  to their time here. Not only did they take exceptional care of my pups (particularly one who has special medical needs) but they worked on an extensive project organizing the storage shed that is jused for my business here.

    The shed was a complete disaster  in every sense of the word . Ged and Laraine spent days rebuilding the shed and completed reorganizing it from top to bottom. They got rid of the things that no longer needed be in there, built shelves and cabinets for the things that did need to be in there, and arranged the thousands of items in tghe shed in an extremely well organized and structured manner. The storage shed is now completely functionally and beautiful!

    Ged and Laraine are clean, kind courteous, skilled, and extremely helpful and I would be lucky to have them back here for another Work Away as many times as they would be available to come!


    Bourton on the Water, United Kingdom

    11- 19 May 2019

    Through Trusted Housesitters

    Ged and Laraine were fabulous! So enthusiastic and efficient when we first met them and then great in every  way during their sit at our small holding. 

    They looked after our flock of sheep and cared for our 2 donkeys, grooming them and mucking out included. Also our 3 chickens all carefully looked after and the lawn neatly mown.

    Not only that but Ged fixed our sticking doors too!

    Our house was very clean and tidy on our return with bread, wine and flowers to greet us.

    We took our dog with us this occasion but would have no hesitation leaving her with them on another occasion.

    We hope to be able to invite them back next summer!



    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    23 May - 2 Jun 2019

    Through Trusted Housesitters

    Gerard and Laraine meet and exceeded all of our expectations. Great communication, a really lovely couple who are all you want to look after both your house and pets. Highly recommended.

    Jon and Kitty 

    Kuala Lumpur

    18 - 30 Jun 2019

    Through Trusted Housesitters

    Ged and Laraine certainly pay attention to detail and like to know every single thing to make sure that the furbabies are well looked after.

    Despite our complete screw-up with dates and a delay in response, because of slightly time-consuming nuptials, they were gracious in our short-comings. They are super-planners, (as am I, normally) so can only imagine how disruptive it was to be out by a day (something we have never done before), but fortunately, all worked out in the end, largely thanks to their planning skills!

    They have a real penchant for cleaning, and a slightly irratating door was fixed, something that we had just put up with for the last year. Thanks, Ged.

    The animals were very well looked after with occasional videos and pictures sent our way. Even to the point that they went to the vet over a concern they had with Maya (we'd been used to her horrendous breath, but they identified another issue that we had missed), and thought nothing of procuring things that they needed for her. The dogs were frequently walked and groomed, with daily bathing, not something I hope they got too used to, as they certainly don't get a daily bath with us!! I believe the expression is 'above and beyond'.

    We also were unaware of a bit of cockroach infestation (welcome to Malaysia), which we only learned of AFTER the problem had been dealt with. Thank you both for that!

    We found them to be incredibly proactive without being overbearing in any way and clearly loved the animals and looked after them and the house as if it was their own. I wouldn't even know where the washing machine filters were, let alone how to clean them, but they also did that!

    The worst possible thing that could ever happen to a sitter, is an animal passing away on their watch. Unfortunately, this happened with our Harry, who aptly named with his Houdini skills, escaped the house (through no fault of Ged and Laraine) and was sadly killed. However, despite being incredibly upset themselves, they kindly buried him and didn't tell us until our return, something we were very grateful for.

    I'm pretty sure the dogs are already missing them and we would have no hesitation in recommending them both and have already looked to see when we can next get them back!



    1 - 18 July 2019

    Phuket, Thailand

    Through mind my house

    Laraine and Ged were a delight from the start. They are great communicators and really truly cared for my 3 dogs: mastiff Diego, pitbull Indie and little rescue boy Toto. Their questionnaire is very thorough, and when I was away, I was able to really relax, knowing my dogs were living their normal routines, but with different (amazing!) people taking care of them. I received regular updates with cute photos and videos and felt like my dogs had their own fun vacation while I was away. Laraine and Ged are really easy going, helpful, and kind. My dogs had a great time, and my friends who met them on their morning doggie walks kept telling me how well cared and spoiled for they were. My house was spotlessly clean and they even cleaned my aircons! I would highly recommend Laraine and Ged to anybody considering them for house or pet sitting, and I hope to see them in Phuket soon! Thank you so much for taking care of Diego, Indie, Toto and my home so lovingly in July. You are always welcome back.


    3 - 26 Aug 2019

    Koh Samui, Thailand

    Through Social Media house sitting group

    Ged and Laraine were recommended to me through a friend of a friend and I am so glad I got in touch with them.  We had a long skype video chat initially and I think clicked straight away.

    I showed them the house and the dogs and we agreed we were a good fit and so locked in the sitting assignment with them.

    Ged and Laraine arrived the evening before the sit was due to commence as I had to leave very early the next morning, so they could get a quick cook's tour of the place and meet Mickey and Chang, my two rescue dogs. 

    The dogs liked them immediately which is always a fabulous indication of how the sit is going to go.

    Throughout my trip, Ged and Laraine kept me upto date with the boys' antics with pics and videos which was super nice to have.

    They took such enormous care of the boys and my home and I couldn't have been more delighted with how everything turned out.

    There was a little bit of unexpected building work going on while I was away and a huge tree that was cut down in the jungle next door to me which I am sure would have driven me mad with chainsaws going for several days but they both just took it in their stride without a word of complaint.  

    They made friends with my friends and neighbours and everyone thought they were just lovely.

    There is no job or task that they wouldn't be happy to complete .... I won't mention the Toukays!!!

    I came home to two very relaxed and happy pooches and a sparkling home and truck!

    After Ged and Laraine left, it was a full two weeks before the boys stopped sitting outside their bedroom waiting for them to appear :)

    I cannot recommend Ged and Laraine highly enough if you need house-sitting and particularly pet sitting, they are animal lovers through and through and I think if I had not come back, my two little traitors would have been perfectly happy.

    Thank you again guys, you are now firmly my "go to's" for any future trips I have planned and I certainly count you as friends in my future.

    Love and hugs from me and sticky licks and paws from Micky and Chang XXXX

    David and Annie Hood

    14 Sep - 2 Oct 2019

    Tiong Bahru, Singapore

    Through Mindmyhouse

    Larraine and Ged recently looked after our little Coton de Tulear Enzo for 2.5 weeks in Singapore whilst we visited Italy. The obvious and immediate comfort that they and Enzo had with each other, and their obvious experience, confidence  and professionalism in looking after animals and properties, meant that we could relax and enjoy our holiday without worrying at all about our boy (though the videos received of Enzo whilst we were away were great to see, particularly as he was so happy and playful with them). aside from being complete pros as regards caring fro Enzo (who can be a tad picky with food), we returned to a spotless house and a dog that, a couple of days after they left, still seems a little sad that they have gone. Communication with them in advance of their stay was great, as was meeting them on arrival and having a good chat and getting to know them. We cannot recommend them highly enough if you want peace  of mind while you travel, and want your dog to have a couple of  fun pals to play with in your absence. If you are lucky enough to have  the opportunity to have them care for your pet then I'd wholeheartedly suggest that you take it. I'd welcome them back to care for Enzo in a heartbeat. All the best for your ongoing journey guys!

    David, Singapore 03 October, 2019

    Joel and Sarah

    Forestville, Australia

    Dec 2019

    Through Trusted Housesitters

    Gerard and Laraine were absolutely amazing housesitters. They came and met us before they stayed. They had an immediate connection and love for our dog Sunny. So glad to have had them for our first experience on here.

    Communication: G&L kept in contact enough to keep us informed happy and comfortable. We were happy to receive pictures and updates but they also gave us the space required on our holiday.They also replied to us in a timely fashion when we messaged them which again made this experience so enjoyable.

    Capabilities: These two were more than capable with our strong staffy. Kept him in check and played with an most of all they walked himtwice a day, sometimes more. Gerard was also very capable around the house , he fixed a few things that weren't quite sitting right and even gave us a video tutorial on how to fix it again if it ever happened again. They had the place in perfect order and cleanliness when we arrived home.

    Care: G&L looked after our place like it was there own. They also shared a great relationship with our dog and he went looking for them after they left and still often does. They let us know if he was a little scratchy and they looked after him accordingly.

    All in all we would strongly encourage anyone if they have the chance to have this great couple look after there home and pets to jump at opportunity.


    Auckland, New Zealand

    27 Dec 2019 - 2 Jan 2020

    through Trusted Housesitters

    Amazing house sitting stars. I seriously can't think of enough nice words to say about Laraine and Gerard. They came over a couple of days early to meet our pets (an anxious pitbull cross and a grumpy ginger cat) and were keen to know how they can make the experience better for them.

    I think our dog almost had a better holiday than we did with all the day trips she got taken on. We thoroughly loved receiving the fequent photos and updates. The pets were very well cared for.

    Our house was wonderful and clean when we arrived home (probabaly even cleaner than when we left) and I totally beleive that they treated it like their own.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this couple for any house sitting jobs. Wonderful, vibrant and caring, great communicationa and just lovely people.

    Matt and Ashleigh

    Grey Lynn, New Zealand

    6 - 9 Mar 2020


    A big thank you to Ged and Laraine after coming home to a spotless home and even a curry ready for us to eat after returning from our travels. From meeting Ged and Laraine we knew our place was in good hands and we could really focus on our holiday.

    We left them with our most valued family memeber Tiger (our dog) and they did a fantastic job looking after him and taking him for his daily walks.

    We highly recommend Ged and Laraine to anyone looking for a house sitter. Top notch.

    We hope they can come house sit again for us when we go on our next holiday adventure.

    Karen and Colin

    Matarau, New Zealand

    29 May - 1 Jun 2020


    From the first written communications right through to meeting before we left, we had no doubt that Laraine and Ged would be perfect for looking after  our house, cat and various birds (a budgie and assorted ducks and chickens). they were professional yet warm and friendly. We only needed a quick look at their website to know we could relax at the beach and not worry about anything. And we were right . Laraine and Ged came round the day before the sit for a chat about what was needed and to meet the animals, then arrived promptly the following day , engaged well with our over-excited-to-be-going-camping-again-after-too-long-in-lockdown kids, and waved us off with a smile. Even though we were out of cell phone coverage and only away three nights, we had updates and photos, reassuring us all was well. Tink the cat had obviously taken to Laraine, snuggling up on her lap in the evenings. We came home to clean house and everyone/everything had been well taken care of.

    We would happily leave our house and pets in Laraine and Geds excellent care again, and highly recommend them to others. I also recommend checking out the adventures section of their website!

    They are certainly living the life!

    Janet Martz

    Bonita Springs, Florida, USA

    14 Mar - 31 Mar 2021


    A few years back I was lucky enough to come across this wonderful "Workaway" couple, Ged and Laraine from Great Britain.

    They came to my rescue then cleaning nuf after a hurricane and completing numerous projects around the house.

    Once again I am thankful that they were in the area when we took a trip to Costa Rica. We had just acquired a rescue dog that had some insecurity issues, so leaving him with canine lovers was essential. We were sent daily updates and pictures of him playing at the doggie park, sleeping very contently on Ged's knee, scampering around the house etc. We felt confident that all his needs were being looked after and he was getting much loving attention.

    Additionally they took on several complicated tasks. They tiled  around the bath in the bathroom and a back splash in the kitchen and numerous handyman jobs they uncovered  that needed to be done. The house was sparkling clean and tidy on our return!

    I appreciate their enthusiasm for getting the jobs done and never disappointing. I don't think there is a job they could not tackle.

    I, of course would always welcome them back :)


    El Pinar de Campoverde, Spain

    7 Jun - 9 Jun 2021.

    through Trusted  Housesitters

    Ged and Laraine are a fabulous, caring and extremely responsible couple. They looked after our Golden girl and house whilst we travelled a long distance to bring home her new puppy sister. They also popped over a few weeks earlier to introduce themselves and meet Lottie, a lovely touch that meant a lot and went along way in reassuring us that they were perfect for ours and Lottie's needs.

    During our few nights away we received photos of Lottie via Whatsapp showing us how happy, spoilt and content she was and had regular updates.

    We arrived back to a very chilled Lottie, spotlessly clean house and all round happiness. Laraine had even stripped the beds, washed all the linen and made the beds up again. How amazing was that!

    We will definitely stay in touch..they are now firmly ours and Lottie's friends and do a wonderful job.

    We can't recommend them more highly.

    Thank you Ged and Laraine

    Jo Horstead

    Duncans Trelawny, Jamaica

    31 Oct - 30 Nov 2021

    through Mind my house

    I'm very grateful to Laraine and Jed who jumped in at the last minute when my house sitter at the time got sick and needed to go home in a hurry.  Laraine and Jed  arrived and just got on with things with no fuss or bother and took the stress away immediately. From the start I felt confident that my dog Max was in good hands and this was confirmed over and over as the days passed into weeks. It was clear that Laraine and Jed  loved Max and went to lengths to maintain his regular routine. They definirely put Max first in their schedules every time. Laraine and Jed kept the house clean and tidy and even did some much needed painting for me, which was very welcome and done beautifully. Laraine and Jed also voluntarily tackled a big clean up job in my Airbnb apartment after mould had set in due to humidity, saving me a very big task on my return home. They had no problem just mucking in and doing what was needed at the time. Laraine and Jed seemed to take everything in their stride. They had no problem when I had workmen over to fix things, even offering them a drink and a sandwich. Laraine and Jed were very respectful in my home and my neighbourhood and lived like regular local people, doing everyday local things, which was lovely for Max who is a cuddlebug and likes having company. If I had to rate these sitters out of 10, it would definitely be an 11 as they went the exra mile to make me and Max feel safe and comfortable when I was away. I honestly can't thanks them enough for all they did.


    Camden, London

    16 Dec 2021 - 1 Jan 2022

    through Trusted House sitters

    Amazing house sitters arrived promptly on time so I could give a hand over and show them where I walked Louie. They sent photos photos and a video on whats app of Louie while I was away  which really helped reassure me he was I having the time of his life with them, as they often took him to his favourite walks on Hampstead Heath. They dealt effectively with a small problem when it arose and took great care of Louie as he was in super condition when we got home with a shiny pampered coat, which was obviously down to there care and attention. It is clear they are great animal lovers and Louie was in great caring  and safe hands. The apartment was super spotless when we returned and they paid great attention to detail even making up the bed for us which was super thoughtful. Even making sure we had fresh milk, bread and eggs on our return which they had kindly brought for us. They are a lovely couple and I have no hesitation in recommending this caring couple for house sitting, they pay great attention to detail took wonderful care of my Louie and left my apartment spotless. I will certainly use them again as Louie and my home were super looked after thank you.

    Jacqui and  Malcolm Arthur

    Farnham, Surrey

    5 - 25 Jan 2022

    through Trusted House Sitters

    What a wonderful couple Ged and Laraine are. We couldn't have had better pet/house sitters than them. They were very dedicated  in looking after Paddy, taking him on long walks and generally  loving him. He really missed  them when they left. Our house was very well looked after, you would not have known that they had been there.  Everything was clean and tidy on our return, nothing had been broken, nothing had gone missing . They have certainly put our trust in house sitters again after our dreadful experience with our previous house sitters. The afternoon we returned, we were greeted with a warm welcome and they very kindly bought us provisions to see us through the night. Ged and Laraine are the best house sitters we've ever had  and we've had quite a few. We certainly hope, particularly Paddy, that they come back and house sit for us again. A truly magnificent couple.

    Alix and Zoe

    28 - 31 Jan 2022

    Plaistow, London

    through Trusted House Sitters

    What can we say, Gerard and Laraine were absolutely brilliant! This was the first time we had left our handful of a pup for a weekend away but Gerard and Laraine made us feel comfortable and confident in leaving her in their care. We were able to enjoy our weekend worry free.

    They took time to communicate with us before, came a little earlier to give us chance to get to know one another and to share the pups schedule - which put our mind at ease. And what fabulous stories they have to share!

    Not only did they take fabulous care of our pup, who was happy and healthy on our return, but they also took on some DIY jobs around the house! Helping out some novices, it was a life saver for us as we would likely have resorted to a tradesperson for some of them.

    We can't thank them enough and would happily have them sit again, Thank you both again for your help.

    Alix and Zoe

    Jurgen and Michelle


    3 - 17 Jun 2019

    Through Trusted Housesitters

    Fantastic Couple to have as your House Sitters

    We recently had the pleasure of Ged and Larraine house sitting our house in Langkawi. We have a rural property surrounded by bush and have a dog (Leo) two cats (Cola and Missy) and a goat (Thomas). Upon Ged and Lorraine's arrival Leo, Cola, Missy and even Thomas took to them exceptionally as if they had known them before. we felt very comfortable that Ged and Larraine made this bond with our fur babies immediately. For us this shows they have what it takes to look after them and give all the love and attention to our animals and any other animal that comes under their care. They were amazing taking care of our babies and regularly sent photos to us showing how happy they were. They spoilt them to the point that they bought a brush, to brush the dog and cats and told us that they all lines up waiting for their turn. Ged and Larraine spent time doing chores around the place like cutting down a dead tree, hanging a new door and mowing the lawns. Which is a big job in itself mowing our large lawn. Ged and Larraine are a warm, caring and energetic, loving couple and enjoy house sitting and taking care of any animal. They ensured that our little house was immaculately clean upon our return and nothing out of place. We would have no hesitation in having them back to our place and giving references for them to continue their journey house sitting and taking care of anyone's they choose. We wish them all the best in their travels.

    Michelle and Jurgen, Malaysia, 18 June 2019

    Teresa and Stuart

    5 - 12 Feb 2022

    Tooting Bec, London

    through Trusted House Sitters

    Ged and Lorraine looked after our rather energetic 5 month cockerpoo and 22yr old cat and honestly Nelson and Polly  (respectively) could not have been better cared for...Ged and Lorraine were so diligent, kind and thoughtful, I really think Nelson is missing their company . We were constantly kept in touch with all the animal news during our holiday and when we returned the house was spotless and  Ged and Lorraine thoughtfully bought us milk, bread and  a cake! Couldn't recommend them more highly

    Diana & Jakub

    19 - 25 Feb 2022

    Walthamstow, London

    through Trusted House Sitters

    Could not rate these two more highly. They are the ideal pet/house sitters. They kept in contact leading up to their stay, sent daily pictures/videos of the animals, and left the house immaculate upon our return. They even washed their own sheets and remade the bed! Next lever stuff! Highly recommend! Thanks L&G!

    Teresa and Stuart

    2 -6 Mar 2022

    Tooting Bec, London

    Repeat  sit through

    We were so delighted with the care and love Ged and Laraine showed Nelson and Polly that we asked them to come back for another sit!


    14 - 22 Mar 2022

    Moreton in the Marsh, Gloucestershire

    through Trusted House Sitters

    Ged and Laraine are extremely professional sitters. From the moment when we spoke to confirm the booking to them arriving to my house and then leaving at the end of the sit, everything was seamless. They arrived a night before to allow me time to show them around and kept in touch through my holiday so I knew Hudson was happy and having good time. I feel Hudson had holiday too as they created amazing program for him. I was also very grateful that they handled a maintenance issue when toilet started leaking. They contacted me, called a recommended plumber, gave me a full brief of what was done, how much time plumber spent in the house so I get charged correctly - I was really impressed. And Hudson was one very happy boy. They left my house tidy, washed everything and it was just so nice to come back to lovely home and happy dog. If there was a possibility to leave more thatn 5*, I would. I hope that there will be an opportunity for Ged and Laraine to look after Hudson again in future and would throughly recommend them to anyone considering a pet sitter.

    Paul and Angela

    24  Mar - 4 Apr 2022

    Wolvercote, Oxford

    through Trusted House Sitters

    Our cat Seki loved being looked after by Ged and Laraine and was very co-operative when she needed to take antibiotic pills and have a sore spot on her bum bathed with salty water. Having left her a bit under the weather  we returned after 11 days to find her in very good form and her usual talkative self.  We got regular feedback from Laraine and Ged while we were away and a warm welcome on our return. We have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful couple to others who need reassurance that their pets and home will be well carted for.


    5 -10 Apr 2022


    through Trusted House Sitters

    Laraine and Ged were wonderful house sitters! They were very easy and efficient to deal with beforehand and sent regular pics of Basil who was clearly having a lot of fun with them, He was beautifully groomed on our return and the house was very clean. Excellent!


    10-16 Apr 2022


    through Trusted House Sitters

    Thank you so much to Ged and Laraine for taking such good care of Cassie and our home while we were away. I had total peace of mind that we were in safe hands, and regular updates showed a very happy hound!



    18-24 Apr 2022

    Chedworth, Glos

    through Trusted House Sitters

    Thank you so much to Laraine and Ged for looking after our animals and home with such care and commitment. The place was spotless on our return and we really appreciated the jobs they did whilst here. They are clearly very skilled, contentious and experienced house sitters who you can rely on and trust. Thank you!


    28 Apr - 6 May 2022


    through Trusted House Sitters

    Laraine and Ged sat for our boy Terry (cat) and home for a week. They were a delight from the first zoom call to meeting them at the start of the sit and throughout the time we were away. Terry requires medication-eye drops twice a day and meds via an oral syringe for hypothyroid which Laraine and Ged managed without any dramas.

    We returned home to an immaculately clean house and a very happy boy. They know exactly what they're are doing, are very experienced at housesitting and we'd have no hesitation in recommending them and would have them back in a shot.


    7-13 May 2022


    through Trusted House Sitters

    Laraine and Ged, we're fantastic. Tosca my cat, seemed very comfortable with them. They communicayed regularly and they left the house lovely and clean. I can highly recommend them.


    15-22 May 2022


    through Trusted House Sitters

    Laraine and Ged felt like friends from our very first Whatsapp call. Then they came to see us and the boys the day before the sit and they were able to make friends with Marley and Benji and we could show them round and have a good chat. Whilst we were away they sent lots of photos and updates. Both our elderly boys are on complicated medication and they were happy to deal with this. On our return the dogs were well and happy and the house was spotless! They bring their own bedding and towels, so saving us extra washing, though I am always happy to provide this. I would not hesitate in recommending Laraine and Ged to care for your home and pets.

    Angela and Paul

    30 Sept - 10 Oct 2022


    return sit through

    Ged and Laraine returned to look after Seki, our Tonkinese cat, for a second period of 11 days and she was delighted to see them again. we got regular updates while we were away and photos of her sitting on a lap and snuggling around Laraine's neck. All was well on our return, happy cat, spotlessy clean house and even food in the fridge for us. They are five star house and pet sitters.


    5 Jan - 16 Jan 2023

    Wanaka, New Zealand


    Lairaine & Jed are so awesome! Brilliant communication, so caring and cared for our home like it was their own! You are lucky to have such wonderful people minding your pets and property. We would have them back again in a heartbeat


    21 Jan - 28 Jan 2023

    Maitai, Nelson, NZ


    Laraine and Ged took great care of our 2 dogs and left our home clean and tidy. They went out of their way to spend time with us and the dogs the day before the sit started so we could feel completely at ease on our departure day. Highly recommended.


    18 - 30  April 2023

    Stanley Brook, Tapawera, NZ

    through Kiwihousesitters

    Laraine and Ged looked after our dogs and other critters beautifully , the dogs accepted them quickly and had them wrtapped around their paws in no time. Poppy the sheep I think might have enjoyed 1 or 2 more doggie cookies than usual and is quite put out when I don't have one for her. Laraine and Ged lead a very interesting life and are great to talk too, we hope they will be friends for a long time. Our home was very clean and tidy and Ged even cleaned our windows which was much appreicated. They even had a meal reaady for us when we arrived home which was lovely. Recommendation for this lovely couple is a given and we hope their travels go well. PS I think the dogs are missing you due to the weather I haven't been out side much, so not as many cuddles and walks.


    4 Aug - 1 Sept 2023

    Ranchwood Lake, Sarasota

    through Trusted housesitters

    There is not enough praise to offer Lorraine and Ged!  They are two of the most wonderful human beings you will ever meet!! Tehy have a sincere love of animals, developed a very close connection with Allie (and even Flash!) as they helped her live some of her best days while with them!I just KNOW she is already missing them both!

    Over their multi-week visit they sent me some of the cutest pictures and videos of the time they spent with Allie (from reading to tucking her into bed, to giving her a bath while washing my car), to include their 3-day walk around the lake with Flash (my Russian tortoise)! (LOL). They really are extrodinary folks with a passion for taking a sincere interest in bringing enjoyment and love into your pet's life.

    My place was cared for and cleaned as if it were their own...and they even conducted the hand-off to the next pet sitter since my time out of town is so long.I'm so glad to hae met this lovely couple, plan to keep in touch with them and their worldly travels, and hope to have them back again anytime

    Nicole and Travis

    3 Sept - 28 Oct 2023

    George Town, Grand Cayman


    Oh, where do we start with Ged and Laraine from GL House Sitters? This dynamic duo swooped in for the second time to take care of our fur babies, Tica and Coco, at our little slice of paradise in the Cayman Islands. This round, they bunked at our place for a solid two months, and boy, did they nail it again!

    Right from the start, sorting things out with them was a walk in the park. They're super easy-going, totally got our needs, and their professionalism is just top-notch. We were miles apart, but they kept us in the loop with regular updates that were just the right amount of detailed.

    Coming home to a sparkling clean house and our dogs practically doing the happy dance was the warmest welcome we could ask for. It's clear as day that Rica and Coco got loads of love and attention, our home was in safe, respectul hands.

    These two have a knack for handling everything with a kind of ease and expertise that comes from being seasoned pros. They even left us a sweet note, a gift and a meal in the fridge that had us grinning from ear to ear.

    Ged and Laraine aren't just house sitters to us now, they're like family. The genuine care they have for Tica and Coco, plus their stellar house-sitting skills, just makes them the dream team.

    We're already crossing our fingers that they'll be free the next time we hit the road!

    With tons of thanks,

    Nicole and Travis

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