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Captain Boris and Shirley King, Ensenada, Mexico


Through Workaway

We can't say enough about the positive experience we had with Ged and Laraine. Their personalities were outgoing, easy to get along with and lots of fun Their work ethic was awesome. Highly organized, self motivated and hard working, they were an absolute benefit to have on board. Not only are they suitable in supervisory positions, when it came to work - they were hands-on Extremely honest and trustworthy, they took on the project as if it were their own and did an excellent job. We highly recommend them for their next Workaway project. And indeed Ged and Laraine - welcome back anytime

Miami Mikes backpackers hostel

Chitre Panama 02/12/2017

Through Workaway

Wow!!! they preformed really well and really transformed the hostal into a more welcoming and warm place. Did some superhuman cleaning and alittle touch up paint work aswell. They are younger looking in person and are very proactive!

Highly recommend and are welcome back anytime.

Barbara Arennz 

Harmony Apartments, Aruba


Through Workaway

Ged and Laraine are a nice couple helping in our hostel for 14 days.

We have positive experience with both of them. Thera are on time and very friendly and specially the loved our cats and dogs. Laraine was lovely with all our guests.

Their personalities were pleasent and Ged did some small reparation and some nice gardening.

Very unexpected I left for 3 days medical treatment, and Laraine was really multy tasking....and did exellent reception work, reservations, check in etc...amazing how she all fixed in such a small time!

Loved they stay a bit longer,,,but the travel spirit get them...they want to explore the world! So we let them go...

My husband my mom, our other workers and workawayers wish them a nice trip and looking forward to see them again, because such nice workawayers are Always welcome BACK to come and stay with us!

Thank you dear Ged and Laraine and kind regards from Barbara and our nice team, all paws from Axel Jo-Elle, Lucky, Kitty Boss and sweet Luka

Kim and Lylette

Grenada, Caribbean


Through Workaway

Gerard and Laraine are truly fine people. they stayed with us for just under a month. when they arrived we explained the work that needed to be done. This comprised of feeding the chickens and looking after the fermentation and drying of the cocoa as well as a few odd jobs We ourselves are extremely busy and often don't have the time to supervise. Gerard and Laraine carried out all of the above to perfection. The amazing thing is they weren't happy doing just the above but took on many large projects under their own initiative, many of which had been on my pending list for years.

Like many working farm workshops, store rooms and the yard itself often becomes a mixed up mess due tot he fact that we are totally focused on the agricultural needs of the day.

Gerard and Laraine attacked this mess which great enthusiasm, cleaning, sorting, doing small but important fix ups, painting, weeding etc etc....the list goes on and on.

By the time they left, our yard, out buildings and chicken run looked better than they had for years and the work load they had taken off us was enormous.

We had given them one of our guest cottages to stay in. They treated it with total respect and left it absolutely spotless upon their departure.

Gerard and Laraine are very self contained and respectful of other peoples space and did not impact on our private life at all.

To sum up, I would say that these people are some of the best volunteers we have ever had. we would love for them to come back again and cannot recommend them highly enough.

thanks for your attention ….one world....Kim and Lylette Russell

Cocoa Estate, Grenada, West Indies

Steve and Rita

Castara, Tobago, Caribbean


Through Workaway

Ged and Laraine were truly amazing. they worked really hard and did far more than was expected of them. when I ran out of ideas for things for them to do, they used their initiative and kept busy.

They were polite, likeable and fun to have around. 

I sincerely hope they will come back one day for another stay with us.

Highly recommended.

Janet Martz

Bonita Springs, Florida


Through Helpx

I feel so fortunate to have discovered this wonderful couple, Ged & Laraine, on HelpX - they are definitely a dream team ! For starters they exude capability and good work ethics so you are at once very relaxed about them care taking your home/pets knowing that they can figure out situations as they present themselves. They stayed in my home in SWFL while I was away for 3 weeks and kept me updated with videos of the work being done as well as pets at play.

Ged is a very skillful carpenter/builder who focuses on details and Laraine is extremely well organized and can rearrange any storage space into showroom excellence. they kept immaculate records of all work being done, not solely for what I had left for them, but what they saw needed to be done. They both are joyful and agreeable and good fun to be around. I recommend them and certainly would have them back in a heartbeat. Two thumbs up for this couple.

Mary Lewarne

Indian Rocks Beach , Florida


Through Workaway

Ged and what to say about them...don't know if there is enough room for all the wonderful things we could write about them. First of dogs have been moping around since they have left...its like their favorite aunty and uncle have left them. Since this was an important concern of mine, I will start there...Ged and Lorraine sent photos of the doggies which meant a lot, took great care of them...and the doggies grew very attached to them.

Then on top of that, any project - once mentioned...Ged and Lorraine would work together and really are a "dream team". Very capable and organized...and once turning the project over to them, we needn't worry about it...the project was undertaken and professionally completed. and to top it all off, they are great personalities, warm and caring and considerate. I only have great things to say about them..If you are lucky to have them request a stay, you are fortunate indeed. Don't miss an opportunity to enjoy their company, their work and their enthusiastic hearts. My only advice to a potential host is to schedule them for a longer period of time because you'll be sorry when they leave

Maguite and Ernie Wilkens

Niagara Falls, Canada


Through Workaway

Gerard and Laraine rated us the "Seven Star Workaway/Super Hosts"......But it was the easiest thing in the world to be good hosts to these two truly MAGNIFICENT Workawayers...We often felt that we we barely giving back enough for all that they did for us and the wonderful and warm and professional way they did it all. (No Ged! should let us buy the beer!!)

We have had truly wonderful workawayers and really hard working ones.... a total of 30 plus now....These two are in their own category!!!! They show a uncanny amount of initiative, noticing things and just handling them. Things got fixed and done that were on our wish list for next year and the year after that!!!

the list of everything they did would go on and on, the results are in an upgraded garden, an upgraded pool house, an upgraded trailer/guest quarters. tools that are organized, garden implements that now each have their place, lawns that got mowed to perfection and borders that are definitely on their way to be on par with an "English Garden". A patio that no longer has loose stones, hoses that now can hang...not lay untidy on the ground, a picnic table no longer on a slant, real steps where there were just a bunch of logs etc...the list goes on.

And the homemade tomato (picked from the garden) soup stored in the freezer, the backlog of Ernie shirts that needed ironing, 

the window surround that didn't exist and the paint job...."so it would really look good", in one of the guest bedrooms and....the house always spotless and the wonderful daily dinners and the VERY happy and cared for dog and cat....I know I am forgetting things but you get the idea!!!!

We were also gone for a while and Ged and Laraine took care of the house, grounds, pool and animals for 3 weeks and are amazing house sitters as we literally never had to worry about anything.

OK....that it for the work ethic and dependability and trust factor....

But then as a bonus you get these two who have travelled the world, have great conversation, are interested in everything that is going on and have a great sense of humor and are kind and generous.

The problem is that we grew attached and were so sad to see them go....BUT they will come back (they promiosed, but not in the winter eh Laraine!!!!) as they are now our dear FRIENDS.

We wish then the best of luck in their next endeavors..

Robin Hobson

St Lucia, West Indies

22 Sep - 24 Oct 2018

Through Workaway

As a host you can only dream about guests such as Ged and Laraine. They are living their dream and if treated with the respect they deserve, they will add beyond your expectations. I only report on the good and they are right up there. They are welcome back anytime I am free from charter. In practical terms, ocd on detail, experience, cleanliness and order. In personal terms, lively debate. In emotional overhead, negligible. I left my boat in their hands for an emergency trip back to the UK  and I came back to ecstatic progress. I thank them both. The downside is that the bar has been raised. :-)

Mary Lewarne (repeat sit)

Indian Rocks Beach, Florida

26 Feb - 3 Apr 2019

It was my pleasure to have Ged and Laraine come back for their third visit with me her in Florida through Work Away! After their last two visits, I was hoping they would schedule time here in Indian Rocks Beach again soon and, as it happened they came at a perfect time for me! I was scheduled to be away on business and needed someone to care for my dogs and stay in my house while I was gone. Thankfully, my three pups love Ged and Laraine as much as I do and we all looked forward  to their time here. Not only did they take exceptional care of my pups (particularly one who has special medical needs) but they worked on an extensive project organizing the storage shed that is jused for my business here.

The shed was a complete disaster  in every sense of the word . Ged and Laraine spent days rebuilding the shed and completed reorganizing it from top to bottom. They got rid of the things that no longer needed be in there, built shelves and cabinets for the things that did need to be in there, and arranged the thousands of items in tghe shed in an extremely well organized and structured manner. The storage shed is now completely functionally and beautiful!

Ged and Laraine are clean, kind courteous, skilled, and extremely helpful and I would be lucky to have them back here for another Work Away as many times as they would be available to come!


7 - 19 Oct 2019

Airlie Beach, Gold Coast, Australia

Through Workaway

I have read all the other feedbacks & I agree with every one of them, Laraine & Ged, you are definitely the dream team.

You did so much more than expected so a huge thank you. Although our time was short, you made a huge impact & I am looking forward to your return.

Highly recommended couple.


3 - 8 Nov 2019

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Laraine and Gerard are an amazing couple to have as workawayers as previous feedback has testified. They are extremely conscientious and hard working and always looking for something to do to help. Gerard constructed a swing out bird feeder on veranda railing anfd repaired and constructed water pipes etc. They both levelled out an area for lawn growing with run off and did massive amounts of weeding, leaf raking and branch collecting as well as cooking lovely meals and washing up plus much more which was greatly appreciated. I have no hesitation in recommending them as helpers and wish them all the best in their travels and adventures.


26 Nov - 4 Dec  2019

Batemans Bay 

Ged and Laraine had the unfortunate experience volunteering at my kangaroo sanctuary at the height of summer during a drought. The flies and mosquitos were the worst they'd ever been but despite this, they were still happy to get up every morning and clean up after the animals. NOT a nice job in Summer I assure you.

The thing I appreciated most about the couple, was how hard working they were. When the main jobs were finished, they looked for other things to do, to ensure they gave me 'value for money' so to speak . 

My drains were cleaned, a new deep drain was dug to stop water from the pressure washer going onto the grass and even small 'handyman jobs' like finding neat and tidy way to store all the brooms and dustpans. As a single female living alone, I really appreciated it.

Despite a bushfire staring close to the property the couple continued to work through the smoke until it became unbearable and unsafe. I'm pleased they left, because the property was destroyed by bushfire shortly afterwards. Unfortunately it took with it, all the good work Ged and Laraine had acheived.

Robyn and David Lee

5 Jan - 5 Feb 2020

Kawau Island,  New Zealand

Ged and Laraine are great people, very easy to get along with and co habitated  with us with ease, they have a tuned sensitivity  and consideration for others and a work ethic second to none. Once given a task, they take it on with gusto, usually improving on the original idea/request. The skills they bring are accurately expressed in their profile.

We run a busy business and Ged and Laraine got so much done for us at home inside and outside it was amazing. We look forward to their return and thoroughly recommend them to any host. Arrived as workaways and left as great friends  ... Sure had many laughs together

Alan Coulston

24 Feb - ! Mar 2020

Te Puke, New Zealand

Ged and Laraine are absolutely wonderful!

We were lucky enough to have them for 2 weeks and they were so helpful that we were able to get ahead of "the list"Don't be fooled by their age, they will out-work any 20-year old, and with their years of life skills and knowledge almost no task is unachievable.

They made a real impression on our little family and we thank them for it.

You would be lucky if they choosre you as a host.

Susan and Jerome 

27 Jun - 18 Jul 2020

Ostend, Waiheke Island

In one word, exceptional.

Ged and Laraine are among the creme-de-la-creme of workawayers, coming with a vast amount of life experience and high level of skill. 

As other reviews have said, hosts should not be put off by their age (we weren't, as they are only 15 years older than us!), as they are thoroughly capable of pretty much anything.

We were actually embarrassed by the amount they did for us - taking care of jobs that have been waiting YEARS, yes YEARS, for a skilled enough workawayer to do. Rep;lacing rotten cladding, painting and gardening beautifying were all handled with aplomb - and to high standards!

We loved our interesting chats over dinner (although I think we barely scratched the surface!), and they got along well with our children too (despite our 4yo asking Ged some extremely impolite questions - ahem!). In fact, after they left, both kids said they missed them!

We got them to housesit for a week for us at the end of the workaway and left happily knowing our home and pets were in great hands. Despite only needing to look after our pets and keep the house tidy, they did even more work while we were away and even built us a new woodshed! Of course the house was kept immaculately and the pets were all happy and healthy, and they also sent us regular updates and photos, even though we were only away a short time. And then to top it off, we came home to a delicious meal ready and waiting!

Thoughtful, trustworthy, conscientious, and considerate (I could go on with the accolades), Ged and Laraine are also just genuinely interesting people to share times with. We feel grateful to have had the chance to host them and are looking forward to staying in touch.

In short, if you have the chance to host these two - grab it with both hands. They are the dream team.

Grant and Polly Paton

29 Aug - 9 Sept 2021

Lorena, Texas

Ged and Lorraine are incredible, you won't wonder why they are Ambassadors of Workaway as they will show you. From the first day of work with them you will be tired as they work hard and it is a challenge to keep up with them. Ged  has a great sense of humor and a great deal of knowledge in construction of houses. Lorraine is a kind lady that can do anything you ask - cooking, cleaning, sheetrock work, scraping, painting are some of the many tasks she completed during her stay. All hosts watch for this couple, if they come your way snatch them up as they are some of the best people and workers you will meet. Thanks, again for your friendship and work.

Sue and Patrick

6 - 19 June 2022

Bazouges-la-Perouse, France

What can I say Ged and Laraine are the most amazing couple.......we have been blow away by their enthusiasm for life and all it brings, endless energy and a full commitment to projects large and small , even in the blistering heat.

We can't recommmend them enough to house sit, look after your pet and to help around garden projects.

They literally can turn their hands to almost anything. wonderful company too. 

You will have great fun and learn lots by having them around.

feel very blessed knowing them.

Pip and Alan

19  June - 9 July 2022

Kerfourn, France

Ged and Larraine are amazing workawayers and housesitters. They just got stuck in to all the different tasks for the firat week, making a big difference to us, finishing off our kitchen renovations and doing gardening  work among other jobs. They then continued to housersit for us for a further two weeks, and continued with various extra tasks too, including painting walls and doors. Great company and exrtremely well travelled with lots of interesting tales to tell. Very easy to host , grab them if you can! Highly recommeded!

Tracey and Simon Chorlton

17 June - 24 July 2022

St Paul de Jarat, France

If there were more people like Ged and Laraine the world  would be a truly wonderful place.

Ged has a great sense of humour, multi talented in all things to do with construction, power tools etc. Is incredibly strong, hard working , seriously thinks each & every project/tasks through thoroughly to get the best result/s.

Laraine is a ray of sunshine, always upbeat, incredibly strong, can find anything lost or dropped (the best nail/screw finder on the planet), has a fantastic all roundknowledge through working alondside Ged & a great cook too.

They work beautifully together via fantastic communication skills, they always come up the best ideas and solutions. They are spotlessly clean, tidy and the most wonderful people anyone can have the pleasure of spending time with.

Whilst with me, they created a shaded area in which to feed my two horses. This was completed in outrageous high temperatures and they never complained once. After this they went on to completely re-arrange , organise, paint, put up shelves in what was a complete disaster of a dumping ground workshop. Now it is clean, bright, tidy and you can find whatever is needed without wastiong hours looking througheverything. They did a truly amazing job and without my constant inpit, as I also took a week off. During this time they completed the workshop, whilst also caring for my 2 horses, Yoda my dog, feeding the fish and my 2 birds. They are true animal lovers and the animals loved them back. The 5 weeks they spent with me (1 of which I was away & missed them), but they kept me updated on progress, was the happiest I have been in a long time, They will forever remain my close friends. Anyone wh has the privilege to host Ged  & Laraine will be honoured. I miss them terribly and so look forward to hosting them again. They are simply, THE BEST

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